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How to confirm payments

These are the mode of payments generally accepted to place order from us, and how to confirm any payment modes you choose.


  • Tracking number(mtcn) money transfer control number:  this is found at the top of the payment receipt and usually colored or underlined by the store issuing the receipt .
  • Senders name and location: This is the name and state  in which you use to send the payment on the receipt.
  • Receivers name/cashier: This is the name in which you made the payment to.this information will be given to you at the end of this mail.
  • Amount sent: This is amount sent to out cashier excluding western union taxes.

HOW TO CONFIRM  THIS PAYMENT :  You are to attach a clean and clear picture of the WESTERN UNION / MONEYGRAM / WORLD REMIT / WALMART receipt along with the information above to our sales Agent. We Confirm this payment within 45 to 60 mins of payment



  • Bitcoins transaction are usually automated on our website.
  • Once you place your order with bitcoins payment, at the checkout page, you have 30 minutes to send the exact amount of bitcoins to the wallet address which will be displayed on your device for your transaction. so which ever wallet you are using, you should get it ready.
  • Bitcoins sent to the wallet which is displayed will automatically put your order to processing.

HOW TO CONFIRM THIS PAYMENT : We Confirm bitcoins payment within 30 to 45 mins after sending Coins to our wallet.



  • All Major Gift cards are accepted. Preferably AMAZON GIFT CARDS
  • * After placing your order with us, Your order will NOT be set ACTIVE for delivery. “ON HOLD FOR PENDING GIFT CARDS CONFIRMATION”
    * To set your package for delivery, Go to a drug store and purchase gift cards worth the amount of your order. Cards must be bought separately. Each card having its own receipt
    * Scratch the cards and take a full and clear picture of each gift cards and send to our sales team via

HOW TO CONFIRM THIS PAYMENT : We Confirm gift cards payment within 30 to 45 mins after you send pictures to sales department for confirmation.



N/B : Your tracking number for your package delivery will be sent to your email address as soon you send to us the  confirmations of payment.
For this reason, PLEASE USE YOUR REAL EMAIL ADDRESS WHEN ORDERING. Your order will not be sent until AFTER your payment has been completed.




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